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General Car Insurance Information

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When it come to General auto insurance, SkyBlue is committed to bringing you the best of the reliable auto insurance and flexible billing and coverage options from the General. Below are some examples of all of the folks we help to get affordable auto insurance from the general.

  • New car owners
  • Folks with several accidents or a generally bad driving record
  • Lapsed insurance policies
  • Credit problems
  • Anyone looking for a more affordable car insurance policy

Flexible Insurance Coverage and Payment Options


We deliver free auto insurance quotes on the affordable insurance plans that you need. The General together with SkyBlue can make your auto insurance policies strong and reliable, while keeping them easy to pay pay. We are committed to providing low down payment options, and payment plans which provide a flexible monthly payment schedule. Plus we sell policies by annual and 6 month increments, so that you don't have to make an unnecessary commitment to an auto insurance policy that you're not sure if you'll need all year.  

Shop For Free, Purchase For Less, Print Proof Instantly

Once you see how affordable a policy is by using our free auto insurance quote service, you can pay your premium o, renew, or even purchase a new general auto insurance policy online and print out your proof of insurance card instantly.

Drive safely with a low cost car insurance policy from the General that will pay for itself in peace of mind. Call or click today to find out exactly how low your down payment can be. Get a free auto insurance quote from The General online in less than 2 minutes. No personal information required.

Frequently Asked Payment/Payment Plan Questions

What Ways Can I Pay? We offer monthly payment plans for all customers. Before you buy we will explain how much your initial down payment will be and what each subsequent monthly premium payment will be with each of your free quotes.

Can i use an automatic withdrawal from a checking or credit account in order to save time or effort? Yes you may. We offer



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