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comprehensive auto insurance, full coverage insurance, theft, fire, wind damage, hail, flood, property damage, listed exceptions

Comprehensive Auto Insurance Information

Comprehensive insurance, also called Full Coverage auto insurance is a policy that protects your vehicle and personal effects therein from a list of specific risks or perils

alternatively, some comprehensive coverage options may offer you protection from all risks with certain listed exceptions

In either case, comprehensive and full coverage are both misnombers. Comprehensive auto insurance policies do not protect against, bodily injuries, medical bills of any sort, or damages caused by collisions with other vehicles, structures, inanimate objects, or animals. 

Essentially this is random coverage, or auto insurance that protects your vehicles from property damage of all sorts caused by seemingly random or uncommon perils. 


Common Comprehensive Coverage

There is no standardized form of comprehensive auto insurance coverage, but there are some protection options that are more common than others. 

Full coverage perils or coverage options can run from the mundane to the obscure, and each coverage option is only as necessary as your car is likely to sustain such a damage. For example, if you live in an area with very little precipitation, chances are you don't need coverage against snow damage. But if you live at a high elevation in the countryside, you would definitely want hailstone coverage, but might shy away from civil unrest coverage (as there is not likely to ever be a riot in the countryside).

the more likely your vehicle is to sustain damage from a certain peril, the more expensive it will be to add that peril to your policy.

These are some common comprehensive coverage options:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Falling Objects (natural/ manmade)
  • Missles (projectiles: balls, toys, models and hobby kits)
  • Fire
  • Civil Disturbance (riot, unrest)
  • Wind Damage
  • Overturn
  • Many More...

In addition to the listed perils, you can also add specialized full coverage options that make dealing with property damage less stressful by applying your insurance policy to a greater range of expenses. 


Other Specialized Full Coverage Options:

Towing, Labor, and Rentals

This covers emergency towing, tow truck driver labor, temporary transportation costs, and some plans will even grant you an emergency expense stipend of up to 500$ to make sure that you're never up a creek without a paddle. Roadside assistance coverage will also qualifymechanical problems with your vehicle for free towing up to a certain number of times per policy year.

Auto Glass Coverage

This coverage option is for the most fragile part of your vehicle- the glass. Many people are surprised to know that sometimes even full coverage auto insurance policies do not include glass protectionSafelite Solutions auto glass repair company is a go-to contractor for many of the car insurance providers that we carry. 

Accident Forgiveness & Shrinking Deductibles

Some of our providers offer forgiveness of a single automobile accident after a specific period of accident-free driving on your policy. Usually these periods are 3-5 years long. Some companies also offer deductibles that get lower and lower with each policy renewal to thank you for continued business. 

Custom Parts, Accessories, and Audio Visual Protection

For all of the custom parts and accessories you've added to or changed on your car that make it better, there's this! This coverage optionprotects everything from the roll bar in your 1987 custom jeep rock-crawler, to the beautiful mural on your personal or company vehicle.