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Collision Auto Insurance Information

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Collision auto insurance coverage is the option that will save you from paying to replace your vehicle if someone smashes into you, or if a deer darts out across the road and ends up in your passenger seat. This is the most expensive insurance coverage option on any policy because it is the most commonly reported insurance claim. More people claim collision damages than any other source of peril or risk. We can get you robust collision coverage without charging you an arm and a leg, and without sacrificing customer service


Collision Coverage Options & Details

Deductible Options

Deductibles are the portion of your own damages which you must pay in order for your insurance company to award benefits. In other words  insurance deductibles are your shared portion of cost, and must be paid in order for your auto insurance company to pay your claim and award benefits. A common deductible would be $1000which expresses to the consumer that if their vehicle sustains $8,450.00 in damages due to a qualifying event, the policyholder would be required to pay $1000.00 before the insurance company would cover the rest. 

Once your annual deductible is reached, your auto insurance will cover any collision damages in full until the next year.

Deductibles exist to prevent people that can afford collision and full coverage insurance from driving irresponsibly. The idea is that if you had great insurance that paid 100% of any damages to your car, there would be no incentive for driving safely because no matter how you drive you would be protected.

Deductibles ensure that you still drive just as carefully as you would without 
insurance coverage. How often do you see someone driving a nice car and it seems like their attitude is, "I don't have to be careful, I have insurance." If your auto insurance company required you to pay 500 dollars in deductibles for every major damage claim, you're not likely to drive with that attitude for long.

Another way that the deductible factors into your collision auto insurance policy, is the fact that you can wiggle your monthly premium payment up or down based on how large a deductible you select.


High Deductible

When you choose a high deductible,  you must pay a greater part any  repair costs after a qualifying event like a collision or accident, but your monthly auto insurance premiums will be lower. The insurance company is willing to assume a little more risk (taking less of your money) because you were willing to assume more of your own financial responsibility for accidents on an individual basis.

Low Deductible

For those who cannot afford to pay much money out of pocket for accidents, a higher monthly premium will result from choosing a low deductible. Basically the more you spend on your insurance premiums every month, the less you'd be required to pay in deductibles in the even of an accident. 


Qualifying Events : Collisions and Accidents For Which You May Be Reimbursed 

All of these types of collisions or accidents qualify a policy holder for financial reimbursement or release of auto insurance benefits.

In simpler terms, a qualifying event is anything that happens to your vehicle  which your auto insurance company would be contractually obligated to provide reimbursement for- as per the guidelines of your unique auto insurance policy.

The following are a few common qualifying events for auto insurance policies included in Collision insurance policies. Not every auto insurance plan will include all of these coverage options.


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Lane departure crashes

These occur whenever a driver leaves the lane they are in and collides with another vehicle or a roadside object. These include head on collisions and run-off-road collisions.


These types of collisions generally tend to
be rear-endangle impact, and side impact collisions.

Pedestrians and Cyclists

When you are involved in a collision with a pedestrian or cyclist, repairing the damages to your car should be the least of your worries. Many collision insurance policies do cover damages sustained in this way.

Collisions with animals

This type of collision coverage is particularly important in rural areas where traffic must interact with livestock on a regular basis. cows, deer, moose, and other large mammals can actually severely harm or injure the passengers of a car which strikes them in addition to causing major collision damage.

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It may sound silly, but moose are a serious threat, and kill people every single year across North America.