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Agreed Upon Value

This classic car insurance coverage option is essentially what divides classic insurance from a normal comprehensive policy. This coverage is the only way to insure your classic, collectible, or vintage vehicle for an insurance value even close to what it would fetch on a real-world market. 

This is easily the most important part of purchasing auto insurance for a classic or vintage car or motorcycle, and here's how it works :

1. You tell us what it's worth

2. We verify the estimate

3. We both agree upon a reasonable number that is actually close to the cost of the vehicle in its current condition in a real-world market, and insure it for that amount.


Usually auto insurance policies determine the value of the vehicle based on its model year, mileage on it, and its MSRP(Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price). Some people may refer to this MSRP price as the "Kelly Blue Book," cost.

This method of vehicle valuation works pretty well, but only for vehicles produce in the last 15-20 years. The automobile industry diligently monitors the resale value of current vehicles on the market. This is not true for classic cars, classic motorcycles, and  collectible or vintage vehicles.

It's very possible for vehicles produced prior to the 1970's to have a real cost which exceeds their MSRP (or original retail price). A deceptive term which often makes classic car owners believe that they have the coverage they are looking for is 'actual replacement value.' Contrary to the implied meaning, actual replacement value is still only an estimated used by the auto insurance company to short-change classic car owners looking to buy top-dollar auto insurance for their pristine vehicles. 

The different factors that are considered when determining the real world value of a vintage vehicle include, but are not limited to: Cost of the vehicle, costs for restoration, costs of customization, and rarity of the model.

When all of the above factors are taken into consideration, it's very easy for a classic car to be worth much more than actual value, or more than the normal benefit amount of a standard full coverage insurance policy.

In the real worldclassic car owners want agreed upon value worked into their policy, because it is the only way to positively guarantee that if something terrible happens to your baby, you receive insurance benefits  that reflect the current real value of that vehicle


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Fortunately for the rare breed that live, breathe, and drive classic, vintage, antique, or collectible vehicles, the SkyBlue Insurance Agency Inc. also shares your impeccable attention to detail. We provide free quotes on strong auto insurance for your classic cars and vintage motorcycles.

We can connect our customers to free quotes on comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance policies for classic, collectible, or vintage cars in just 5 minutes over the phone. When you shop with SkyBlue it's just as easy and affordable to purchase the best insurance for your classic car as it is to purchase cheap liability coverage for a sedan. For an affordable premium, you can get uncompromisingly strong insurance for your cherried-out classic car or motorcycle. 

Our specialized auto insurance plans provide maximum protection for classic cars and motorcycles because we know that these vehicles are worth much more than just a few grand in parts and labor. It takes a great deal more than just some extra money to make your perfectly restored or customized ride shine. Click any of the buttons on this page to be redirected to our classic and vintage vehicle insurance quote page.

If you drive classic cars, odds are you need coverage from an agent who considers cruisin' a lifestyle worthy of protection, and not just an expensive hobby that presents risk. You wouldn't trust what's under your hood to just any mechanic, so why trust your auto insurance services to a bargain brand insurer dealing with millions of phone calls per day?

Go SkyBlue and let our small-business courtesy speak for itself. Call today!




 Classic and Vintage Motorcycles

When it comes to full coverage insurance for classic and restored vehicles, we offer the same protection to vintage motorcycle owners as we do to our classic car enthusiasts.

We can get you an agreed upon value policy like the ones described at left, with special add-ons (riders) for your textiles, personal effects, and even custom equipment or costly aesthetic improvements.

If you want to know more about insuring your precious vintage hog through our specialized auto insurance agency that is platinum rated with multiple auto insurance providers, call now for immediate assistance: