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Business Insurance Policies For All Types Of Business Owners

If you own your own business, the joys can sometimes be overshadowed by the responsibilities. Business owners can sometimes feel like everyone's out to get them, or that there's no one looking out for them. An easy way to take away some of the pressure of owning your own business is to purchase appropriate and reliable business insurance to protect you from liability and accidents. 

Depending on what type of business you operate there are several different types of risks or professional liabilities for which you can be held responsible.

Basic liabilities include simple accidents during work that can cost you thousands if you don't have the proper insurance. If you manage to cause someone else bodily injury or property damage while delivering a product or service which your company has been contracted to provide, business liability insurance can mean all the difference between a shake of hands and the end of your business. 

Another type of business liability is professional liability or E&O insurance coverage. E & O means errors and omission and it refers to accidents that can happen during the performance of a duty or service which may not cause a person direct bodily injury or property damage but which do indeed cause damages. One such qualifying error would be a lawyer being unprepared for trial or not following courtroom's rules of order which could result in a lost case or even more embarrasing- a mistrial. In this situation- unless a gross intentional misconduct can be proven, the lawyer's assets, business, and reputation could be somewhat protected by an error and omission insurance policy. 

E& O Coverage also protects against simple but potentially costly mistakes such as mis-filed documents or failures to meet deadlines. 



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